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Since 2010, GET Group has implemented solar projects regarding energy auditing in Governmental buildings, renewable energy and awareness raising campaigns



GET Group implemented and finished more than 75 projects in residential houses around Kosovo, these projects include thermal and photovoltaic solar panels, solar lightings and energy efficiency devices.



GET's aim is not limited to governmental and residential, it focuses on commercial industries and is involved in helping those industries to reduce and monitor the energy usage. GET concluded over 83 projects of photovoltaic and thermal solar panels along with energy monitoring devices.

Our Point

Get Energy

GET (Green Energy Technologies) is a company established, for a purpose of providing solutions and consultancy in the usage of renewable energy devices, also increasing the energy efficiency and saving through finding solutions from our wide range of products.

We provide green energy

GET green, get involved

Save the planet

Save the planet by changing your consumer behaviour, go solar


GET unlimited energy

Our Sun is limitless, GET that limitless energy from it and convert it to electricity


Reduce your costs

By applying energy saving appliances and renewable energy, you can reduce your costs and also help to save our planet

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